Cem Özdemir: “Teuerster Loan of My Life”

Greens deputy Cem Özdemir says he’s received no political obligations to the credit of PR man Hunzinger.

The Green parliamentarian Cem Özdemir has emphasized once again to have vanished no obligations with the receipt of a loan of 80,000 marks from the PR consultant Moritz Hunzinger. Özdemir said on Monday that he was then happy to be bureaucratic and quickly came to the loan- more info. “But I say in retrospect that was the most expensive credit of my life.”
He put two things in retrospect himself a burden, Özdemir said. First, that he had at that time made no provisions for the control and on the other that he had not gone to a regular bank. “But I say again: a private loan is not any sort of payment or donation or fee. There were no obligations of any kind. ”

Bundestag: Scharping said to have concealed fees

Özdemir had conceded at the weekend, as well as ex-Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping to have had financial contacts with Hunzinger (SPD). He had received a loan of 80,000 marks in January 1999 and paid with the loan to “market rate” of 5.5 percent a tax claim. If this interest rate was lower than the then prevailing market price, he will donate the difference to the Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims, Özdemir said.

The Green MEP said that he considers the credit for not declared. Scharping had the fees paid by Hunzinger in the amount of 140,000 marks the Bundestag Presidium not displayed.

Hunzinger wants to check business model

Hunzinger told the “Bild” newspaper that he would reconsider its policy. “We will review our business model,” he said. However, he does not see the reason for a fundamental change in business practices. “There is no stealth and no darkrooms. We work openly, transparently, “Hunzinger said.

Payments to political parties and politicians such as retired defense minister Rudolf Scharping ( SPD ) declared Hunzinger with the time of the politician who should be rewarded, “You can not steal the time without giving something even those personalities.” Even visits by politicians in companies would almost always happen for a donation to the party. Politicians and parties would need money for information brochures, employees and business trips. It would, therefore, be “nonsense”, party donations so to “demonize” as the happening now.